Conder Token Books Online

This is a short list of historical Conder Token books available online, free for personal use, mostly from Google Books.

Birchall book image
Birchall Provincial Copper Coins or Tokens (1796) book image.

Alphabetical List of Provincial Copper-coins Or Tokens, Issued Between the Years 1786 and 1796. Samuel Birchall, 1796, 141 pages.

Conder book image
Conder Provincial Coins, Tokens and Medalets (1798) book image.

An Arrangement of Provincial Coins, Tokens, and Medalets: Issued in Great Britain, Ireland, and the Colonies, Within the Last Twenty Years; from the Farthing, to the Penny Size. James Conder, 1798, 330 pages.

Pye 1796 book image
Pye Provincial Copper Coins or Tokens (1796) book image.

Provincial Copper Coins or Tokens issued between the Years 1787 and 1796, Engraved by Charles Pye … Charles Pye, 1796. This book, along with others pertaining to British coins, seals, tokens and medals, is available in PDF or Kindle EPub format from a search page on the Digital Book Index website.

Pye 1801 book image
Pye Provincial Copper Coins (1801) book image.

A Correct and Complete Representation of All the Provincial Copper Coins, Tokens of Trade, and Cards of Address, on Copper: Which Were Circulated as Such Between the Years 1787 and 1801, … Charles Pye, 1801, 18 pages.

Spence book image
Spence Coin Collector’s Companion book image.

The Coin-Collector’s Companion; … a Descriptive Alphabetical List of the Modern Provincial, Political and Other Copper Coins. Thomas Spence, 1795.