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Welcome – The Conder Token Collector’s Club welcomes all numismatists with an interest in the British Provincial tokens of the late 18th Century, otherwise known as “Conder tokens,” after James Conder, whose name appears on some of the tokens, and who was an early cataloger of the series. Officially, “Conder tokens” may include British and Irish tokens from 1787 to 1804.

Introduction – Probably the most popular of the English token series, Conder tokens were avidly collected 200 years ago, and are still avidly collected today. The social, economic, and political lives of the people during the 1780-1800 period are mirrored here. For a more extensive introduction to the tokens, and a more detailed history of the tokens and Great Britain at the time, click on the History button.

Club Journal & Membership

IMPORTANT! As of November 2023, the board has decided to make memberships good for two journals instead of three, and the mailed paper copy rates have been revised to reflect this change. Going forward, we expect to publish two journals each year, but if not, your membership will be extended until you receive two journals.

Journal – The CTCC publishes The Conder Token Collector’s Journal about two times annually. We’re pleased to announce that beginning with issue #83, all printed copies of the journal are in color!

The current issue of The Conder Token Collector’s Journal, consecutive issue #83 dated Fall/Winter 2022, was produced and mailed to members by about 12/15/2022. We’re late, but another issue is due very soon! Sample pages from recent editions of The Conder Token Collector’s Journal are available, and you can also view older issues on the NNP, or on this website if you have a password available to members.

For advertising information, please see the Journals page. Ads are currently available in the Journal, but not on the website.

For more information about the club and club membership, click on the About and Membership buttons. These provide membership and subscription information and explain how to pay for your membership. Don’t want to pay for printing and mailing? – Online memberships/subscriptions are available to everyone for $10 (for one year or two journals), or $5 for YNs.

Not sure about your membership status? Contact Eric Holcomb to inquire.

Community, Meetings, etc.

Google Group:
A Google group has been established (conder-tokens@googlegroups.com) to discuss Conder tokens, and this group also allows limited buying and selling. If you are on Google groups already, you can request to join directly, otherwise email your request to CTCC President Jeff Rock. CTCC membership is encouraged, but not required to join the group.

Meetings – The CTCC met at the 2023 World’s Fair of Money®, in Pittsburgh, Pa., on Thursday, Aug. 10 at 6 p.m., with a feature talk by Michael Wehner on touring the Anglesey mines site and the Iron Bridge.  Members and guests typically adjourn afterwards for dinner nearby.

The CTCC previously met at the WFOM in Chicago (Rosemont), Illinois, Aug. 16-20, 2022. The meeting took place on Thursday, Aug. 18 at 6 p.m. There was time for show-and-tell of tokens or related items. A similar meeting took place in Aug. 2021 after no meetings from 2016 to 2020.

Upcoming Auction Sales
All of the following companies have regular auctions of Conder tokens and related British material.
Baldwin’s (now a part of The Strand group of companies).
See Baldwin’s – The Deane Collection – Part II (auction) opened in May. Part III of the Deane sale was held in London at Baldwin’s on Oct. 11, 2023, with details on their website.
Davissons Ltd. has auctions with printed catalogs, as well as E-Auctions.
Noonans (formerly DNW) conducts frequent auctions including British and world coins, historical medals, tokens, etc. The previously scheduled Noonan’s token auction in October was moved to a later date.
Numismatic Auctions L.L.C. (contact Steve Davis) has sales which may include nice selections of Conder tokens, such as one held in Feb. 2022.

For some related websites, including dealers in the US and UK, click on the Links button.

Other Club News and Information:

The CTCC welcomes club president Jeff Rocksee the club about/info page (11/16/2020).

Other Online EventsInternational Token Web Conference, 7-8 May 2022. This is not a CTCC sponsored event, and does not specifically cover Conder Tokens, but there were lectures and discussion groups on a lot of interesting topics – check it out, see for yourself, and considering registering next year for this annual event.

Library – For information about the club’s library, click on the Library button. There are also links to historical books available online.

CTCC privacy and data usage policy (updated May 2018).

Articles / Memorials

ANA Article – The Dec. 2022 edition of the ANA’s monthly magazine, The Numismatist, contains an article by Michael Byrne entitled, “The Medieval Gates of Coventry,” about certain Conder tokens. Not an ANA member? – Contact your local coin club (or the CTCC) for information about how to join at a reasonable rate.

See An Introduction to Conder Tokens, originally presented at the Greater Orange County Coin Club, April 8, 2020, by Paul Dofton.

See British Conder Tokens (introductory talk), originally presented at the Bend Coin Club of Central Oregon, February 19, 2019, by Eric Holcomb.

See the Bill McKivor memorial page. Bill was a CTCC president, founding club member, and a leading U.S. Conder token dealer, who passed away in March 2021. See the blog post, Bill McKivor site archived, with a link to much of Bill’s Copper Corner business website including photos.

See the Dr. Richard Doty memorial page. Dr. Doty was the club’s first president, and passed away in 2013.


NNP Symposium – Jeff Rock gave a talk at a Newman Numismatic Portal online event on Nov. 17, 2022, titled “Flight of the Conder: An Introduction to British Conder Tokens.” A video of this talk is available online at https://nnp.wustl.edu/library/book/620267.

See ANA Mini-Mint Videos on our blog. One of the videos shows how a Castaing machine would have been used to add edge lettering to tokens.

Thank you for your interest in the CTCC!

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