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Welcome – The Conder Token Collector’s Club welcomes all numismatists with an interest in the British Provincial tokens of the late 18th Century, otherwise known as “Conder tokens,” after James Conder, whose name appears on some of the tokens, and who was an early cataloger of the series. Officially, “Conder tokens” may include British and Irish tokens from 1787 to 1804.

Intro – Probably the most popular of the English token series, Conder tokens were avidly collected 200 years ago, and are still avidly collected today. The social, economic, and political lives of the people during the 1780-1800 period are mirrored here.

Journal – The current issue of The Conder Token Collector’s Journal, consecutive issue #81 dated Summer 2021, was produced and mailed to members on 7/31, and should have arrived. Not sure about your membership status? Contact Eric Holcomb to inquire.

The previous issue of The Conder Token Collector’s Journal, consecutive issue #80 dated Fall 2020, was produced and mailed to members, and should have arrived by early November 2020. Summary – This issue has the final installment of Jeff Rock’s article on the Auctori Plebis token, an account of the 2019 Token Congress, and a helpful article by Jon Lusk on attributing the Angus 30-36 varieties, including exceptionally sharp close-up photos of key details in each die that will make figuring out this previously confusing series a snap for the collector.

Google Group:
A Google group has been established (conder-tokens@googlegroups.com) to discuss Conder tokens, and this group also allows limited buying and selling. If you are on Google groups already, you can request to join directly, otherwise email your request to CTCC President Jeff Rock. CTCC membership is encouraged, but not required to join the group.

Meetings – The CTCC did not hold any meetings in 2016-2020, but held a meeting at the 2021 Chicago World’s Fair of Money® on Thursday August 12 from 6-7 p.m. As often happens, members and guests went out to eat after the formal club meeting. Thanks to all who participated!

Online EventsInternational Token Web Conference, 22-23 May 2021. This was not a CTCC sponsored event, however, it offered a variety of talks including one on “San Francisco, California Gold Rush era tokens,” of interest to U.S. collectors.

Other News and Information:

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See British Conder Tokens (introductory talk), originally presented at the Bend Coin Club of Central Oregon, February 19, 2019 by Eric Holcomb.

See the Bill McKivor memorial page. Bill was a CTCC president, founding club member, and a leading U.S. Conder token dealer, and passed away in March 2021.

See the Dr. Richard Doty memorial page. Dr. Doty was the club’s first president, and passed away in 2013.

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