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In Memory of Bill McKivor, 1940-2021

These pages contain information which was previously posted on
Bill's "The Copper Corner" website.

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Many thanks to Bill (while he was alive) and his family for allowing us to continue sharing this educational and reference material. If you discover any errors or problems, you can email Eric (

Bill was one of the leading Conder token dealers in the U.S. His business was dedicated to fine English and American coins and tokens. His specialty was "emergency coinage," issued to fill a need for small change in society. Listings of 17th through 19th century issues, primarily coppers, are linked here for your pleasure and information.

Examples of numismatic items covered include: British/English: 17th-19th Century tokens (including "Conder tokens"), Boulton & Watt items, evasion halfpennies, unofficial farthings. United States: Colonial coins and tokens. Other: books, medals and "Fun Stuff!"


About Bill McKivor

In Bill's own words, while he was in business ...

"I'm a history buff came close to teaching history as a profession, went into radio communications, but wound up in the newspaper business from which I retired. I started my collector-based business a few years ago, selling British tokens by mail. The history of the tokens proved so fascinating to me that I sold my coin collections and began collecting the tokens, as well as items from the American Colonial period. My business is an extension of my collecting interests, and I do my best to both buy and sell only what I like, which better serves my customers both in quality of the merchandise, and fairness in the price. Born in 1940, I have been collecting for over 50 years. I am married, and my wife and I have two daughters and one granddaughter. We have lived in Seattle, Washington all our lives."

Bill was a member of the ANA, EAC, C4, TAMS, and the Seattle Numismatic Society. He also served on the board of directors of the Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association (PNNA).

Bill is shown in the photo above next to his FX3 London Taxi for more taxis and vehicles, see "Bill's Taxis and Cars" page. (Or click on the photo to see an enlarged version.)


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Archived Price Lists (Up to 6 May 2020 Final List)

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Introduction and History
including Bill's "Boulton and Watt Soho Mint collection"

I'd like to learn more about the history of the tokens and the times, and how the numismatic items connect with that history (includes many photos)! This page summarizes and links the available introduction and history pages. You can also click on "Introduction" or "History" in the header to reach these sections.

Bill's Grading Guide

Bill's Taxis and Cars

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