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Did you know that the American Numismatic Association (ANA) Money Museum in Colorado Springs, Colorado has a “Mini-Mint” in the basement? Here are a couple of short videos, one an introduction to the mint, and one specifically about edge lettering, using the upsetting mill / Castaing machine, similar to what was used for some Conder tokens!

According to Jeff Rock, “Many Conder token collectors have wondered how most of the edge lettering or design was added to the tokens. Most tokens actually had the edge added to blank planchets, before they were struck, using a Castaing machine (Matthew Boulton’s later token issues would be the first to use a segmented collar that could add a lettered edge as the token was being struck). The second video below shows the type of machine that would have been used in the 1780s and 1790s, operated by hand – and it is easy to see how error edges could occur.”

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Bill McKivor site archived

Most, if not all, of us had dealings with the late Bill McKivor.  It is no secret that the Conder Token Collectors Club would not have existed without his drive and enthusiasm. When Bill passed away there was the risk that his Copper Corner website would disappear as well, but his family has graciously allowed the club to archive important things on the club’s website. I invite you to take a look here:

Included are all of Bill’s old price lists from #59 (the first he did in 2010 as a PDF format) on up to his final list, fittingly #100. These are invaluable research tools, and the club is pleased to preserve them for posterity. Scans of his earlier lists would be welcomed to be added to the total; please contact Eric Holcomb for details if you have them.

Also worth viewing is Bill’s personal collection of Boulton and Watt pieces, many in the original shells they were preserved in for 200 years. This group has not yet appeared for public auction, and the photos here are the only easy way to see some of these magnificent items.

Bill’s introductions to various series, though sometimes a bit dated, are excellent entry level accounts of what makes them special and worth collecting.

Our friend may be gone, but the good work he did lives on – and really, isn’t that the hope that we all have for our own lives?

Enjoy! – Jeff Rock, CTCC President

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Welcome to the CTCC!

Welcome to the Conder Token Collectors Club!

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