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CTCC Privacy and Data Usage Policy

Please note: All information submitted for CTCC memberships is subject to this privacy and data usage policy. To exercise any of your rights pursuant to the G.D.P.R., including the rights to access, update and delete your personal data, please contact Eric Holcomb,

Website - The CTCC does not use "cookies" or otherwise collect personal information when you visit the CTCC website. The CTCC's web hosting company may log data such as your IP address, your web browser, the page(s) you visit and the date/time of the visit. The CTCC will only use this information for statistical purposes. Depending on how you access the Internet, it's possible that your browsing information could be saved by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and/or by your web browser. If you access the CTCC's online Journals, a password supplied to members may be required, however this password cannot be used to personally identify you.

Information Submitted - If you choose to submit data/information to the CTCC in any form, for example email inquiries, Journal article and advertising submissions, and personal data for becoming a member of the CTCC, then this data will be saved by one or more of the officers of the CTCC for official purposes such as editing and mailing the Journal. Reasonable efforts will be made to secure the data, and it will not be disclosed to any other persons or for any other use (unless submitted for publication - see below). Data will normally be saved for three to five years, either from the time of submittal, or after your membership expires. You have the right to request a copy of your personal data saved by the CTCC, and to request removal of this data from current CTCC records. Some data may remain in archival files, however this data will not be used or disclosed for other than historical or statistical purposes unless required by law, or requested by the owner of the data.

Publication - If you choose to submit information for publication (for example in the CTC Journal), including articles, advertising, etc., then this information becomes a part of the permanent record once published, and cannot ordinarily be removed. The information may also be submitted to qualified reviewers prior to publication. If you believe any of your information has been published improperly or in error, please notify the CTCC editor and officers as soon as possible.

Financial - If you make a payment to the CTCC via PayPal or any other bank or financial service, the CTCC will retain a receipt of the transaction for three to five years, as may be required for bookeeping, tax recordkeeping and other legitimate purposes. The data on the receipt will otherwise be considered the same as "Information Submitted" (see above), and will not be disclosed. Your bank or financial service will also retain a record of the transaction as specified by its own policies.

UK Payments - If you choose to make a payment via the CTCC's UK agent (currently Alan Judd), then the data/information and receipts will be retained temporarily until transmitted to the current U.S. officers of the CTCC, after which the data will be treated the same as financial and membership data submitted directly to those officers. The UK agent will shred or otherwise delete the data and any other communication received, once the transmission of the data is completed and confirmed.

Policy published 5/25/2018; updated 6/5/2018.

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